Sunyata Dali Old Town is downhill hotel

Dali ancient city is located in the high mountain of people in the road, and all over the food Ye Yu Road intersection, to provide pure house family services. The architectural space is very simple and pure, by Harvard return famous young architect Zhao Yang surgeon design, architectural style from Dali traditional architectural form, the use of internationally recognized construction of high difficulty of wood mold water and base recycling stone combination of construction. In addition to the beauty of the building in addition to the ancient city of Dali down the mountain space of the scattered, move the distance, but also hidden in Suzhou garden architectural philosophy. The left side of the door is the study and tea room, and then go to the study outside the trail into the depths, but also possession of a backyard, the waves of light on the other side, proudly stood a vibrant Bougainvillea. And all the rooms, windows, glass, water, will be in the twilight twilight of the daylight transformation, to create a different visual effects. Dali Old Town has a total of 14 rooms, each room is the only space experience, from the historical depth of life scenes, to create a history of Dali and the most profound sense of human experience. A horse, Bayeux, a fence of the Ministry of the official seal, the station on the use of different years of weighing mound and other Dali as a tea station post of a variety of scenery; interior with Dali ancient copper technology; lamps, chairs and other useful furniture are from Foreign Amoy back to the designer masterpiece … … they come from all over the world, so that the whole hotel presents a small museum appearance. Dali ancient city both down the service not only to meet the "places" the comfort needs, but also to create "brigade" depth experience. Close to the natural countryside, with the spirit of heaven and earth, private travel housekeeper can take you to experience the real Dali leisure life. Or travel Yin Shan, Cangshan walk, bamboo meditation, sunset picnic; or do half a day farmer, to the soil picking organic vegetables or seasonal fruit; or simply worship a master, floral ceramics, tie dyeing wood, fried tea cooking … … the kind of craftsmanship … … every one is down the mountain you are in return to the soul of the original base station. Dali ancient city has a "luggage and a thousand villages" coffee shop, from South Korea engaged in the coffee industry for more than ten years Zhang Fan Shuo and its team management. Chef according to the daily ingredients, making the day menu, abide by the "from time to time do not eat", with the cheerful, slow fire boiled, refined materials, slow food, to give visitors Lohas comfortable sensory experience. Dali Old Town is downhill for every one of the guests staying here for one night offering free meals for two meals. The first meal is to the afternoon after the shop tea or good night dessert, the second meal is after a night rest after breakfast. Personal steward will be in the understanding of the guests after the heart, directly to the food to your room, so that you have the best appetite, the body most relaxed when the slow food. I would like you to be here for every simple day.